Monday, December 12, 2011

Top Ten Chipboard Layouts - Personal Favs - Ode to Chipboard

Ode to Chipboard - my favorite product to design with!

Ode to Chipboard.....

Oh chipboard, how I love thee
There you are plain, raw, yet beautiful in your simplicity, but this you already knew
Your possibilities are endless, making you perfect, how you are coveted by me
I will never tire of sanding, misting and painting you, achieving the perfect hue
You are the finishing touch, the icing on the cake, we all know it's true


Top Ten Layouts Featuring Chipboard - My Personal Favs

1. You Rock & Run
2. Pre-Ker

4. Fresh Face

5. Willful

6. Goodnight Girls!

7. Extreme Me

8. These Shoes

9. So This is Christmas?

10. It's a Triplet Thing


  1. Your stuff is absolutely amazing!!! LOVE it!!

  2. Dionne, your layouts are AMAZING! You make scrapbooking look so easy. Keep up the good work.....because I need more pages to scraplift. ;-)

  3. Your layouts make the eyes feel good! Great job!!