Monday, December 5, 2011

The Lost Art of Hand-washing dishes...

Whoa! Upon my arrived at the homestead this evening after a long day at work, followed by an extra intense workout at the gym, I find my husband standing in the kitchen with furrowed brow.

Ut oh, maybe I should find some errands to do and come back later...nope...too late, I am already in the door. Dare I ask what the problem might be? {sigh}

I make the inquiry with hesitation; he informs me that the dishwasher is BROKEN. I take this to mean that oh-so-convenient appliance we love to shove dishes at the end of the meal has met with an untimely death and will now have to be put on the freakishly long TO DO LIST.

The TO DO LIST warrants all caps, and we are not going there now.

He repeats the "dishwasher is broken". I am puzzled and far too tired to get the meaning of his inflection. Just tell me, like I'm in third grade, it will be faster that way.

He explains the gross condition of the supposedly hand-washed dishes, discovered when he was attempting to put them away . No go on that plan, mission aborted. We won't get into naming names on who might be responsible dismal effort mailed in last night.

In a semi-controlled fury, he rants about the lack of quality control kids demonstrate these days, the abundance of short-cuts available that lead to the inability of kids to even complete a simple task of properly washing a dish without the aid of an appliance. While this is probably more of a case of laziness versus the complete ability to complete the task, I get it and I agree.

In so many ways, the foundation of survival has eroded to near extinction. Therefore, in an effort to address the situation and make the lesson really stick....

The dishwasher has been declared "broken", until further notice.

In the meantime, the dishes will go on - old school style. Hey kids, hold out your hands, meet the dishwasher. Roll up your sleeves and settle in, those dishes are not going to wash themselves.  

Let's embark on the journey to mastering the lost art of Hand-Washing Dishes.

Wish us luck!

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  1. It wont be long before the washing machine is broken and they find themselves wading in a brook with a bar of lye and an old wash board. Even worse..... a winter vacation with the Amish in Northern Indiana :)