Thursday, December 15, 2011


Title: Imagine 


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The moment the phone call came I was at work, in the midst of a ho-hum day. The message coming from the other end of the line left me gasping for air while dropping the phone in disbelief. My grandmother, my precious grandmother, who always boasted of never having been sick a day in her life, was in the hospital after a serious heart attack. That is it - no other details. I had so many questions, and still I was speechless. I had to make plans immediately to get to her side yet my feet would not move. Terror of not having her in my life drained the blood from my body. 

We hastily packed whatever it didn't seem to matter what. All that mattered was getting on the road. Early on during the six hour drive, the song Imagine by John Lennon played. It stuck in my head, only the words changed as it ran through my head over and over. Imagine the person who influenced me and is responsible for who I am not being there. It was too much. 

Imagine? No, I could NOT imagine such a thing, like the song says it would be like imaging there is no heaven. After arriving at the hospital we learned she would have to undergo quadruple bypass surgery. It was a big scary deal. More family members Arrived, we all moved into the ICU waiting room. It seemed like forever before we had any news. Finally a huge relief, she had come through the surgery. It was God's will to spare her. She has so much more to give to this earth. 

When I saw her face to face it was so strange, simply unreal. This woman I have admired all of my life, the strong woman who prevailed against all odds, she was lying there on the bed so pale and frail looking. I called on all the strength I could muster to put on a brave face and not show how afraid I was.....

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